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Personalized Talent Acquisition Services

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1 Month Discount Rate* 2 Months Discount Rate* 3 Months Discount Rate* Annual** Discount Rate*
1 Job Slot$315 $299$500 $475 $685 $650 $2,415 $2,300
2 Job Slots $550 $525 $755 $725 $965 $925 $3,345 $3,200
3 Job Slots $730 $700 $1,055 $1,010 $1,360 $1,300 $4,390 $4,200
4 Job Slots $870 $830 $1,305 $1,250 $1,725 $1,650 $5,435 $5,200
5 Job Slots $995 $950 $1,570 $1,500 $2,090 $2,000 $6,470 $6,200
6 Job Slots $1,150 $1,100 $1,840 $1,760 $2,505 $2,400 $7,510 $7,200
• Electronically Pull Jobs for Annual Clients • Job Slots - Replace Posting at Any Time • Job Fair Posting• Custom Email to Resume Database
• Unlimited Job Posting Accounts per Property
All Job Slots may be deleted / replaced at any time
All Job Posting Packages & Service Fees are subject to change.
*Discount Rate applicable to payment via Check or Automated Clearing House - ACH

Job Posting/Sourcing Services

Opportunities are publicized to our proprietary database, social media sites (with over 150 groups), affiliate web sites, higher education/trade institutions, and professional associations.

All Job Postings include:

  • Personal customer support
  • Ability to delete/replace jobs at any time with fresh posting dates
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (thousands of followers see your jobs on these sites)
  • Company Logo/Description in each posting
  • Cross-posting on diverse job boards
  • Custom Job Alerts to candidates in our proprietary resume database
  • Job Feeds to colleges and trade schools
  • Cross-posting on professional associations

Save Time with Our Cost-Effective Custom Services:

Our Staff will...
  • Develop the Job Description
  • Post the Career Opportunity
  • Set-up a Confidential Account/Email Address
  • Create a personal email from you to matching candidates in our database
  • Create a Core Skill-Set Pre-Screening Questionnaire
  • Review Applicant Resumes

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Gaming Hospitality Executive is committed to helping clients pinpoint, evaluate and engage the most talented leaders.

Only Candidates who are interested in your opportunity and who possess the required knowledge, skills and experiential qualifications are referred.

Select the program that is most appropriate for your needs- a streamlined sourcing strategy to quickly identify viable candidates, or a full-service exclusive Executive Search to distinguish the top candidates who will accomplish your goals & objectives and succeed in your corporate culture.

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Job Description
  • Compensation & Benefits Package Assessment
  • Essential Core Skills & Knowledges
  • Resume Review / Expertise Assessment
  • Phone Screening Interview
  • Employer Interview Questions
  • Executive Summary of Top Candidates
  • Negotiation of the Employment Agreement
  • Professional / Character Reference Check
  • Background Check (Incremental fee-based service)


In order to remain ahead of the competition you must be able to recruit and maintain top level talent within your organization.

If the goal of your pay philosophy is to attract, retain, and motivate your employees, it requires a competitive compensation package.

We assist you to accomplish this goal by collecting data from companies in the Gaming/Hospitality industry and other businesses from which you recruit professionals, managers and executives.

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