Step Five: Build Your Resume

Professional Profile/Objective

  • This provides a brief description of your professional experience and an explanation of your career objective.


Possess over 6 years of experience in Food & Beverage service. Three (3) years as Manager, two (2) years as a Supervisor and one (1) year as a Server.
I have worked in both large gourmet restaurants and fast-food outlets. I am seeking a position as a Restaurant Manager.

Work Experience & Accomplishments

  • List the companies, their locations (if your resume is in Open Access), positions you have held in chronological order (with dates).
    The most recent job title should be listed first.
    Provide a different description for each position.
    Go back as far as is necessary to demonstrate your professional experience and knowledge to support the position(s) you are seeking, or to differentiate yourself from other candidates.
    Cite reporting lines if they highlight your level of authority (whom you report to, as well as who reports to you).
  • For Accomplishments, describe any skills, knowledge, and accomplishments not cited in your Career Timeline, which enhance your qualifications, demonstrate tenacity and hard work, as well as the ability to resolve problems.
    List accomplishments that are tangible and quantifiable.


  • Use computer knowledge/skills to improve office efficiency and eliminate overtime
  • Reduced employee turnover by 25% in the first year
  • Familiar with many different cultures related to a customer base
  • Use statistical analysis skills to analyze profitability of marketing programs and reduced expense margin
  • Developed customer satisfaction survey that enabled us to improve service and increase patronage by 30%
  • Have worked with a Regulatory Agency or Gaming School to develop training classes, company policy/procedures and internal controls

Educational Degrees

List your most recent degrees (up to three) by the type of degree (ex: BS), school attended, and your major.

Licenses & Certifications

Include all profession-related licensure, as well as gaming/regulatory licensure.

Include all specialized studies/training certificates and awards that reflect:

  • Your efforts to enhance your knowledge and skills
  • Company/community commitment & dedication
  • Your creativity/ingenuity
  • Relevant accomplishments