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For Employer

We have listed the questions most frequently asked by Employers. Just click on the appropriate question below and the answer will appear.

If you do not find your specific question, please use our Employer Inquiry Form to send us your question by email. Our hours of operation are 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM, EST, Monday - Friday. Feel free to give us a call for expeditious attention - 609-813-2333.

We look forward to assisting you to fulfill your talent acquisition needs - whether it is through our Job Board, a custom email to our Resume Database.

Click here to complete our Password Help form and they will be emailed to the email that you provided when you created a Casino Careers account.
An "Open Access" resume enables the Employer to see a Candidate's personal contact information as part of their resume. If the Candidate has posted their resume in the "Confidential" format, it is usually because they are currently employed in the gaming industry and are seeking a new career opportunity.

Their personal/contact information (name, address, phone, email) will not be visible to you. They will have an ID# and a link will be at the top of their resume, through which you may correspond with them.
Please do NOT send attachments to Casino Careers. We prefer that you input the data into the fields of the forms provided or provide a link to information you wish to communicate.
You have the ability to email him/her directly from our database indicating that you would like to discuss a career opportunity with your company and requesting that a complete resume be sent to you.
Candidates have been advised that such a situation will result in elimination of their resume from the Casino Careers database. Please utilize our Employer Inquiry Form to relay to us specifically what occurred, so that we may review the situation and contact you for more information, or take the appropriate action.
  1. Provide a comprehensive job description and list specific education/certification and experiential requirements.
  2. Note if Gaming experience is required or preferred ( if applicable).
  3. Provide a competitive salary range & a description of insurance benefits, PTO time and other perks.
  4. If applicable, provide information about a relocation package, and note if the position is eligible for a bonus.
  5. Use spell check and review your job posting for legibility.
  6. Update the job posting date if the position is re-listed, or is an ongoing opening.
  7. Our system acknowledges all resumes submitted through the Apply Now button; however once the position closes, qualified candidates can be apprised since you can email multiple candidates simultaneously from the Casino Careers Applicant Tracking Report.
  8. Remove or expire listings that have been filled.

For Jobseeker

The following are questions often asked by Casino Careers Job Seekers. We hope the information provided in response to these questions is helpful to you. If you need additional information, please use our Job Seeker Inquiry form. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for a response. Just click on the appropriate question below and the answer will appear. We wish you much success in your career endeavors.

Using the Casino Careers Job Search Engine:

To find jobs with all of the words in the title, you may use multiple words in a job search. Search for: General Manager or Database Manager

You may use the word OR to find jobs that have different words in the title, such as: marketing supervisor or casino host

If you are only interested in a specific department, (such as Food & Beverage), select that department and search using one or multiple words such as: food server or supervisor or cook
Please use our Job Search feature to filter search results and find positions in your speciality.
You can use our Job Search page to search for jobs in a specific state, or in a specific country outside of the US.
Casino Careers does not provide assistance to obtain a Visa. The decision to assist employees with immigration paperwork, is made by each Employer respectively, based on the availability of qualified personnel.

Most Gaming Companies who recruit through Casino Careers will require that during the employment process you provide proof that you possess the required work permit authorization needed to work in their geographical location. Companies may want you to be able to interview personally for their open positions.

Most job postings will specify if the Employer will assist prospective employees with obtaining the necessary work permits, so please read their requirements closely.

Applying for Jobs:

The best way to connect with potential employers is to post a resume as a Job Seeker in the Casino Careers database, where you can post your resume, apply for jobs, and set job alerts to be notified when new positions in your speciality are posted. You may also be required to complete the Employer's Online Application, seperate from posting a resume in our database.
If you have a Casino Careers profile, log into your Job Seeker account and click on the 'Application History' button to view your previous resume submissions. If you do not have a Casino Careers profile and applied directly on the hiring Employer's website, your resume will not appear in the Applicant Tracking Report we provide to Employers. Therefore you will have to contact the Employer directly about your application status.

Posting a Resume and Maintaining a Job Seeker Profile:

Click on Post a Resume. You will then be guided through several screens that help you upload your resume and specify a search profile, set salary expectations and relocation preferences.
Your resume must be in either a Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), plain text file (.txt), or PDF format.
An Open Access resume enables prospective employers to view your resume and your personal contact information. If you elected to post your resume in the "Confidential" format, then your identifying information will not be visible. Also, you will receive instructions on how to input your resume so that it isn't as specific as the Open Access format.
Employers who are registered with Casino Careers, to whom you have applied via a job posting, can see your resume.
In order for a resume to be considered complete, it must contain Work Experience and a Job Search Profile. You will not be permitted to apply for opportunities through Casino Careers until this information is completed. To finish completing your profile, please click here to log into your resume.
Once you log in, you can Upload a new resume or Edit the old resume from the Dashboard. You may also update your salary or relocation preferences, etc.
Simply login and click on Privacy Settings. Then select the radio button next to Confidential. Click on the Update button and it will take you to a screen that explains how you should modify your Work Experience to maintain your confidentiality. When you click to continue you will return to the Dashboard where you can click on Edit or Copy/Paste to modify your resume if necessary.
Simply log into your account and select "Delete Account" in your Dashboard.

Creating a Job Search Profile to receive Job Alerts:

A job alert is an email notification system. When you set up your 'Job Search Profile' you enable our system to send you emails when new positions that match the titles/departments you selected are posted. You may also turn your alerts off.
When creating your Profile, first choose the department in which you have experience. You will then be asked to include any job titles you've held and are seeking. Please only include the top 5-10 titles. You will then select the industries in which you have worked, and the number of years of experience in that discipline.
Please check to ensure you only made 10 job title selections. If problems continue, please contact a Casino Careers staff member via the Job Seeker Inquiry form.

Login Issues:

Click here and complete the form to have it emailed to you.
First, you should make sure that you are using the Job Seeker Login link to log in. If your screen says "Employer Login", you are using the incorrect login form. Please make sure that your username and password are typed correctly. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can request them using this form.
Once you are logged into your account, select 'Change Password' in the top section of the Dashboard.

Free Resume Review:

Casino Careers has partnered with TopResume to enable you to receive a FREE critique of your resume from an experienced certified professional.
For a Free Resume Review just upload your current resume to TopResume and you will receive your review within 2 business days.
For a Paid Resume Writing Service you can collaborate with your Resume Review writer who will provide a first draft. It will be delivered to you in approximately 1 week. Then, you'll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions for your final rewritten resume.