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Casino Careers, LLC RSS Feeds Terms and Conditions of Use

Casino Careers' RSS feeds are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All rights in and to Casino Careers' RSS feeds, including content and technology included therein, are reserved to Casino Careers, LLC. Casino Careers' RSS feeds are available for personal or commercial use on the Web site, weblog or similar application with the express permission of Casino Careers only. You may display the headlines, active links and other information contained in the RSS feeds (the "RSS feed content") on your personal Web site, weblog, or similar application provided that:

  • You do not modify, misrepresent, or delete any of the RSS feed content;
  • You do not redistribute the feed without the express written permission of Casino Careers;
  • You do not post Casino Careers' files or text other than as included in the RSS feed;
  • The links redirect the user to the Casino Careers web sites when the user clicks on them;
  • You do not insert any intermediate page, splash page or other content between the links and the applicable Casino Careers web page(s);
  • Your website does not contain material that could be construed as libelous, distasteful, offensive, harassing, obscene or criminal; or that infringes, otherwise violates, or advocates the infringement of, any third party rights.
  • You must provide attribution to Casino Careers, LLC and this Site by including the Casino Careers, LLC name adjacent to the RSS feed.
  • You may only use the RSS feed to which you are given permission by Casino Careers.

The use or display does not suggest that Casino Careers promotes or endorses any third party causes, ideas, web sites, products, or services.

Any other use of Casino Careers' trademarks, or service marks, web site content, or of the RSS feeds requires prior written permission of Casino Careers, LLC. Casino Careers reserves the right to discontinue providing RSS feeds and to require that you cease accessing or using the Casino Careers RSS feeds, or RSS feed content at any time for any reason. Once permission is withdrawn, all current Casino Careers content must be removed from the target web site, weblog, or other application.

You expressly and unconditionally accept and agree, without limitation or qualification, to the Casino Careers LLC Terms and Conditions of Use by displaying, accepting, or linking to the RSS feeds.

Casino Careers' may amend or revise these RSS Feed Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and you agree to be bound by such revised Terms and Conditions of Use. Any such amendment or revisions will become effective upon the date it is first posted to the Casino Careers web site. It is your responsibility to return to this web site from time to time to review the most current Terms and Conditions of Use and other Casino Careers, LLC policies.

Casino Careers, LLC does not and will not assume any obligation to notify you of changes to these Terms of Use of any other policy of Casino Careers, LLC. For permission requests, or other RSS Feed-related inquiries, please e-mail Casino Careers, LLC via this form.