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Lawton, OK

Comanche Nation Gaming Commissioner

About Comanche Nation Gaming Commissioner

The Comanche Nation Gaming Commissioner currently oversees gaming activity in seven (7) gaming facilities. Gaming facilities are located in Lawton, Devol, Walters, Richard Spur, and Cache, Oklahoma.

The Comanche Nation Gaming Commissioner was established by the Comanche Nation in December 2005 in order to provide for the sound regulation of all gaming activities on lands within the jurisdiction of the Comanche Nation, in order to protect the public interest in the integrity of such gaming activities, to prevent improper or unlawful conduct in the course of such gaming activities, to strengthen tribal self-government and to promote economic self-sufficiency of the Comanche Nation.

Its primary functions include ensuring the Comanche Nation's gaming operations' compliance with federal and tribal law, including internal control standards, conducting background investigations and approving/denying gaming licenses for individuals and vendors, and ensuring only approved games are offered to the public.  In short, the Comanche Nation Gaming Commissioner serves to protect the Nation's assets and ensure honesty and integrity of the gaming operations conducted by the Nation.

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