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Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, is an American Indian, or Native American tribal government and organization. The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., is a Federally chartered corporation established for the purpose of business development. Its Board of Directors consist of a President, Vice-President, and three (3) Representatives. All Directors are elected by the Shareholders of the corporation, the members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The corporation operates various businesses including convenience stores, camp grounds, Seminole and other American Indian arts and crafts, sugar cane, Seminole cultural tourist attractions, gifts shops, sales of cigarettes, both wholesale and retail, cattle, citrus, real estate and property leasing. Other business projects are under development.

The corporate Charter and By-Laws and the Constitution of the Seminole Tribe of Florida were approved and established in 1957. The Seminole people have been residing in Florida for generations before the coming of the Europeans to North America. The Seminoles have survived wars with the United States in defense of their homeland, and have reestablished themselves as a community and economic power in Florida. Today they reside on seven (7) Reservations located throughout South Florida. Welcome to Seminole country!

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