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Casino Careers Will Reveal New Service @ G2E 2016


Northfield, NJ – Casino Careers will showcase a new service for employers at G2E in Las Vegas on Sept. 26 -29, 2016. Employers will have the ability to send a custom communiqué to prospective candidates.


"Our services are more personalized than other staffing companies with a Job Board," noted Joe Conahan, the director of recruitment. "We strive to offer our clients more effective strategies to communicate the merits of working with their companies."


Employers who post their opportunities on the Casino Careers Job Board can now send a personalized “marketing email” with detailed information about the compensation and perks that accompany a specific career opportunity. They can target candidates in the Casino Careers resume database who meet the specific expertise they are seeking. 


"Companies are often reluctant to publicize the details of their compensation packages in their job descriptions because they don’t want their competitors to know the salaries and incentives they offer to their employees," explained Danielle King, career communications specialist.


"Conversely, job seekers usually want to know what the job pays, if there is a bonus or relocation program, what type of benefits they’ll receive and when their insurance coverage will begin," she continued.


In addition to information about the compensation package, employers can also provide links to realtors, educational institutions, and pictures of recreational, cultural & entertainment venues in their city or town.


"By using this recruitment tool, employers can lure candidates by giving them all of the information they need to make a decision about submitting an application for a specific opportunity and experience greater success in attracting qualified applicants without publicizing sensitive information on the Internet," Conahan asserted.


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