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Making Your Resume Stand Out

Marketing your talent is the key to a successful job search. It starts with your resume.


Your resume is a snapshot of your professional experience, achievements, accomplishments and abilities.


It''s your selling card and should differentiate you from other candidates.


The following suggestions are tailored to enhance the resume you create on Casino Careers Online. Other Casino Career Tips articles provide suggestions to tailor your resume for a specific opportunity, explain how to interview professionally, etc.


You can use the keys on your keyboard to easily copy and paste your information into your resume:

COPY EVERYTHING: Control Key and the key with letter "A"
COPY SELECTED VERBIAGE: Highlight what you want to copy and hit the Control Key and letter "C"
PASTE: Control Key and letter "V"
CUT: Highlight what you want to cut and hit theControl Key and letter "X"

Your resume should include the following:

Professional Profile and Career Objective:
Positioning yourself is key in this opening statement. You should create a clear, precise description of your level of experience, diversification and competencies.
Your career objective reflects the specific position(s) you are seeking. You may list as many as you like, as long as your experience substantiates them.

Your salary specifications reflect the minimum you will accept for one or more of the position(s) you are seeking, based on the "ideal" situation (i.e. geographical location, benefit package, etc.). The maximum salary depicts what you think is fair if the position you are offered is of greater responsibility, the area to which you must relocate isn''t your most desired location, etc.


Job Profile:
This is your personal search engine. It is what results in search matches when a Corporate Member is looking for a specific candidate. To maximize your matches, we recommend that you create a Job Profile for every position you''ve held that is the stepping stone (or is identical) to the position(s) you are seeking. You may create as many Job Profiles as you like.


Career Timeline/Work Experience:
List the companies, their locations (if your resume is in open access), positions you have held in chronological order (with dates).  The most recent job title should be listed first. Provide a different description for each position. Go back as far as is necessary to demonstrate your professional experience and knowledge to support the position(s) you are seeking, or to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Cite reporting lines if they highlight your level of authority (whom you report to, as well as who reports to you).
Under Job Responsibilities summarize your general assignment and specific responsibilities. Include your most important accomplishments in each position. For example:

  • recruitment and training
  • policy/procedure development
  • improvements in operational profitability
  • effective scheduling resulting in payroll savings
  • customer service programs/enhanced guest satisfaction
  • employee retention/motivational programs
  • successful marketing programs
  • demonstrated improved efficiencies


Other Skills/Accomplishments:
Describe any skills, knowledge, and accomplishments not cited in your Career Timeline, which enhance your qualifications, demonstrate tenacity and hard work, as well as the ability to resolve problems. List accomplishments that are tangible and quantifiable. For example:

  • computer knowledge/skills (hardware and software)
  • familiarity with other cultures relative to a customer base
  • statistical analysis skills
  • labor dispute resolution
  • completing a graduate program while working full-time
  • serving on a company Project Team
  • working with a Regulatory Agency or Gaming School to develop regulations or course curricula
  • increase in revenue and profits due to changes, new programs you introduced


Educational Degrees:
List non-degree studies (academic, technical, mechanical, culinary, etc.), as well as those for which you possess a degree. Specify your major, minor, and other areas of specialization.


Include all profession-related licensure, as well as gaming/regulatory licensure.


Include all specialized studies/training certificates and awards that reflect:

  • your efforts to enhance your knowledge and skills
  • company/community commitment & dedication
  • your creativity/ingenuity
  • relevant accomplishments


If you do not select a language, English will automatically be reflected. However, you should also identify other languages you speak or write.


Identify the geographical locations in which you would like to be considered for career opportunities, including the area in which you currently reside.


Final Review:
Review your resume carefully. Make sure you use proper grammar. Be especially careful of typographical errors. According to one study, about 35 percent of employers will reject your resume or application if it contains such an error especially if you''re seeking a management position.

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