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Know the Trends & Changes in Companies

Just as many companies utilize internal and external resources to better understand their businesses and competitors, you must do so to improve your strategy to enter into a new firm or pursue a new career.
You are now in business for YOU. The business is to find a job!
Emerging trends affect the way corporations are conducting business.
For example:
Globalization-As a result, there are significant changes due to world impact, such as far reaching technology, computers, changes in economic currencies, and time management across foreign regions. In the gaming industry, Casinos are in locations all over the world, but they are faced with the impact of ensuring that the people they recruit in one country are versatile. Therefore, if you have the following characteristics in your background, make sure you include this information visibly in your resume and discuss them in the interview:

Think About It: You are ready for the Casino that is expanding in other countries provided you are:
-Sensitive to cultural differences
-Traveled or Lived Abroad
-Can easily convert currencies

Operational Cost Reductions: Continuous downsizing, Best Practice Applications, and continuous streamlining, are trends in business today. This includes the use of many outside vendors and streamlining of internal activities. Only the major functions are internal. How can you capitalize on this? Ensure that your resume highlights your accomplishments or contributions to improve a company’s productivity.

Think About It: For example as a Pit Manager, make sure you review or think of the times you improved the activities of the Pit, either through a training program aimed at reducing dealer errors, enhancing the number of hands dealt, or improved accuracy/efficiency in changing chips. Consider also the cost reduction could be reduced turnover and higher employee satisfaction; these are all elements to consider when enumerating your contributions the organization.
Creativity Rewarded: The more creative you are and cost sensitive, the more value you are to the organization. Ingenuity is key to your success.

Think About It: At some point during your tenure, there may be several ideas or programs that you suggested, which were implemented and resulted in improved efficiency, productivity, profitability, etc. These are all noteworthy comments on a resume or in your interview discussion.

Company Restructuring: A tremendous amount of emphasis on the stockholders and on the customers is underway. If you can improve upon marketing the company, or enhancing customer service, you will add significant value to the organization.
If you can reflect on your career, perhaps you can recall when a company reorganized and you were retained over others with more tenure. Reflect on what was notable in your performance, which resulted in you being retained. If you were not retained, be prepared to review why not. Perhaps there were too many employees with similar skills, or that you were part or changing how things worked and did it so efficiently that you put yourself out of a job.
Be Prepared-Get Control from the Very Beginning, being prepared to consider ALL and EVERY opportunity you have, even if you have limited experience.
Targeted Search: Determine specifically which companies you would entertain employment offers.

Qualify the Discussion: You want to make sure that you are seeking those institutions that are of ultimate interest. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity to determine everything you need to know about the firm, which enhances your decision. But during the interview come prepared to ask the innovative and introspective questions that demonstrate your understanding of the firm.

Making a Decision: Make sure that when an offer is made, that on the spot you are ready to respond to the offer. Make sure you are ready to tell them that you need to think it through, or to further engage in discussing the details of the offer.
Consider the following:
  • Can you move? Where, domestically, internationally? These are family made decisions.
  • Can you afford to go for education to enhance your abilities? Many times during unemployment you are entitled to benefits while attending educational programs that assist you to make a career change. Study the education programs and ensure the program if offered by a professional institution and is reputable.
  • Are your skills usable elsewhere? If you were an accountant could you adjust and attempt for positions in inventory control or internal audit? Be creative on the jobs you can do by evaluating your skill sets.
  • For what amount of time can you afford to be out of work, to enhance your chances of deciding on the right job? What savings do you have, can you live well enough so as to make the right decision?
  • Can you afford to take a cut in pay? Often starting over, or a new career, may result in salary reduction. Consider what you can afford to take as a basic minimum.

If you have indicated “yes” to many of the above questions, you will have more chances of enhancing your career decision.