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Developing Goals to Enhance Your Career

Get a Head Start....
Look back at the career goals that you set for yourself when you assumed your position. What has worked and what has not?
This article will assist you in assessing your career achievements and goals and help you construct a plan that will help you to accomplish the goals you had hoped to attain.
Developing the action plan
You can define what you really want via a goal setting process with measureable objectives. There are several steps to take NOW to ensure that you are accomplishing the set goals.
Goal setting is a constructive way to set up a process that brings the end result in clear focus.
1.  Take the time to identify your values. This will give you a basis around which you can set your goals and orient your entire life. Genuine values are those interests, strengths, and qualities which have always intrigued you, or to which you have been attracted.

Make a list of your top five or six values. If you are having trouble, then consider the compliments you have received lately. Examples relative to improving yourself in your job, would be learning a new skill or improving upon an existing skill, such as public speaking, written communication, improved financial/analytical skills, learning/using new software which makes you more efficient/effective.
2.  Define several major goals and be very precise and specific. Consider what you would like to accomplish for the short term. Set your goals so that they are just out of your immediate reach. For example be very specific, such as "By next year I will be working in a company that will be innovative and interested in attracting talent who have knowledge in web-based technology.” Carefully outline a plan to achieve this goal.
Choosing a company that provides you with opportunities for growth in areas commensurate with your career objectives can be tricky. However, there is abundant information regarding a company’s practice toward its employees on their web sites, and public job postings. Interaction with their HR Department will also give you insight to the corporate culture.

3.  Challenge yourself to make certain that the goals you have selected are really your own, confirm your motivation. For each of your three goals, ask yourself:
What value does this goal support?
What are the personal and professional benefits for me to accomplish this goal?
What resources do I need to accomplish this goal?
What help, assistance, or collaboration do I need?
Am I willing to do whatever it takes to reach this goal??
4.  Take action by breaking each of your goals into separate steps and objectives. It may require additional education, assistance, or information gathering, to achieve the goal. For example if you are interested in training yourself in a skill – consider online courses, evening college or company sponsored classes, as well as information available in libraries, through videos/cassettes, and professional publications and set dates on which you plan to commence and complete the courses.
5.  Ask for help from everyone you trust, respect and admire in helping you reach your goals, including working with a coach or mentor. Let people know that their support is welcomed. Motivation is often promoted through others. As an example your family will willingly give you feedback to help you improve yourself, so ask them what you might be able to do to improve on your skill that you want to change.
6.  Commit to yourself by writing each goal and action step/objective to attain the goal on a timeline. If you find yourself slipping, then take another look at the questions above and the level at which you feel you will achieve such goals. Shift your behavior from procrastination to being personally accountable. Develop a written game-plan with expected dates in which to accomplish the task and celebrate overcoming each milestone.
Hang in There and Be Persistent
Lastly, whatever goals you have set-up don''t give up. Many goals may fall to the side if you expect too much too soon. Be patient and realistic with yourself and remain focused on your target. When you fall off track or slip up, forgive yourself and get right back on track.