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What's Your Worth?

There are certain employees who are worth their weight in gold, and there are others who should be thrown to the curbside.  Which are you, you ask?  The more cherished employee, of course, reflects a higher value to the employer.  The latter of the two shows up for work, completes the job, and no more.  
Becoming a valuable employee takes time, dedication, and a strong will to succeed...not to mention, a plan.  Stepping up to the plate will cause other employees to feel like you're up to something.  A valuable employee stands out from the pack, regardless of what coworkers feel about them.  They have a goal in mind, and they don't let outside influences hinder their plan.  
Standing out from the pack requires a strong and obtainable plan.  If seeking a higher salary is your initial plan, you must succeed and exceed your boss' expectations.  Doing this is much easier than one might think.  Taking on additional responsibilities is a sure way to get any manager's attention.  By crossing over into other positions, department, and responsibilities, the employee automatically becomes a more valuable player.  This added experience can allow you to overflow into another area due to knowledge.  Knowledge and know how are worth extra income.  An employee can easily negotiate a higher salary once they have proven their worth to the company's management team.
Asking for a raise requires an updated resume, designed specifically for internal purposes.  This resume should highlight all skills and qualifications one currently possesses from in-house experience, including additional classes or industry-related organization participation completed outside of normal business hours.  By logging this information accordingly within the document, superiors will see the added value brought to their business.
Some businesses do not pay their employees what they are worth.  This is no hidden secret.  If your company refuses a pay increase, there are always other companies willing to pay for experience and expertise.  The trick is to become good at what you do, and this will ensure you are a hot commodity.  
Below is an overview of what you can do to ensure career advancement:
Continue Education.  This one seems like a “no brainer”, but with the hectic schedules some workers maintain, it's a surprise they find time for anything non-work or home-life related.  Online universities are making it extremely easy to continue one's education...utilize these resources!
Take on Added Responsibilities.  As mentioned above, taking on added responsibilities can solidify your career goals, not to mention, increase your knowledge of your industry.  
Join Industry-Related Organizations.  Like education, joining industry-related organizations can also increase your field knowledge.  These organizations will also provide a networking forum for new career opportunities.  Business executives, consultants, and owners make-up a large portion of groups’ board of directors, advisory committees, marketing teams, and public relations personnel.  These types of contacts can become invaluable to a jobseeker.  
Perform your Own Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns.  Public relations and marketing campaigns work in correlation with organizations, the resume, and continued education.  Adding to one's experience, networking pool, and beefing up the marketing documents that represent themselves can prove to be crucial marketing and PR steps to increase chances of landing a better job or a higher paying salary.
Maintain a Career Journal.  Everyone should maintain a career journal.  This journal should be a complete log of career advancements, achievements, bonuses, and short and long-term goals. When I consult a resume client, I'm often surprised at how little they remember about their career or company-related achievements.  Achievements are documented abilities provided to an employer.  These abilities are, in essence, ‘proof’ that you are worth your weight in gold.  
There is no hidden secret to becoming a valuable employee.  The steps listed above are common sense.  Becoming an asset to your employer is something that takes time and dedication.  If you are willing to expend the effort, you are destined to become a worthy and valued employee.

Author Teena Rose of Resume to Referral is a certified résumé writer, interview professional, and a credentialed career master.  Contact info available at: