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How to be a Valued Employee with the Propensity to Advance and Succeed

Some employees are worth their weight in gold, and there are others who are barely missed if absent. Which are you?  

Here are the attributes that many employers seek and value in an employee:

1. Possess excellent communication skills

2. Manage responsibilities independently 

3. Are optimistic and have a positive attitude/approach

4. Are determined, productive and take action

5. Are open-minded about new ideas 

6. Are enthusiastic in their approach to resolving problems

7. Are organized and have good follow-up skills

8. Pay attention to detail

9. Are honest and forthcoming

10. Are flexible and open to change and new ideas/methodologies

11. Learn quickly 

12. Exude a love for their work

13. Are loyal and dedicated

14. Strive to be successful

15. Are a team-player

If you are all of the above, and are striving to advance, make sure that you are also:

16. Marketable
An asset to the company by being knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and proactive, with a record of proven success.

17. Have a strong resume that succinctly and effectively communicates your professional profile, skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.