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Tips on Achieving Success in 2021

The following is a synopsis of an article by Bitrix24 on how to achieve success in 2021.  To read the entire article, click on the link provided at the bottom of this page.
Strengthen Your Virtual Skills
The world is now more dependent on Internet technologies than ever, emphasizing the importance of your virtual skills. To keep your business competitive and succeed online, these are the skills/abilities that owners and their employees need to hone:
  • Proactively manage media-based interactions
  • Establish communication norms
  • Build social rapport with colleagues
  • Demonstrate cooperation 
To enhance your team members’ skills working virtually, build an environment of “virtual intelligence” - a set of workplace strategies and behaviors.
  • Establish the rules of engagement for virtual interactions
    - Which communication tools to use for different situations (email for official documents, chat for smaller issues, video call for urgent matters, videoconference for meetings, etc.)
    - What is the best time to connect (e.g., a planning meeting every Monday, a daily checkup meeting at 5 pm, etc.)
    - Simplify the storage, editing and sharing of information (a single tool is better)
  • Build and maintain trust
    - Establish a more informal atmosphere during your online meetings, by asking social questions and encouraging employees/co-workers to share some of their personal news. 
  • Take your business online
    -Ensure that you have all the right tools for efficient online sales. 
Focus on Your Health
Pay more attention to your own and your employees’ well-being – body & mind. Spend more time outside and meditate. 
  • Goals and Planning
    - Stay organized; have a plan and follow it 
  • Happiness and well-being
    - Encourage off-work collaborations and projects
    - Establish team traditions and rituals to enforce the sense of belonging among
    your newcomers
    - Experiment with team meeting formats incorporating humor and fun
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