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Why Your Phone Isnít Ringing After a Job Interview

You’ve finally found your next dream job and you feel confident about the interview.  The images of sitting behind your new desk are in your head.   But then days go by and the phone is silent with no unread emails in your inbox.  Why aren’t they calling?  Maybe the offer went to your junk folder?  It’s always tough to hear rejection, but sometimes silence is even worse.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you were ghosted by your dream job.

1) You Didn’t Meet the Qualifications – or You are Overqualified
If the job opening for which you applied requires specific expertise and you were unable to elaborate on how you would accomplish an objective which required that knowledge, the simple answer to why you are hearing silence is because you did not meet their qualifications.  It can also go the other way and you may be overqualified for the role and they feel you will leave if a better opportunity arises.

2) Budgets
Sometimes specific positions in the company budget need further approval to be filled once vacated. Or, if business declines, the company may decide to post-pone filling the position. Or, they may not be able to afford your salary expectations, if you did not indicate that you were flexible with your compensation requirements during the interview. 

3) They Hired from Within
Many companies try to promote internally if a viable candidate arises, so they could choose to hire an existing employee, as it can reduce costs associated with training or a salary increase. In addition, they already know the current employee’s skills and strengths, so it can be less of a gamble.

4) Energy Level
Companies look for people who have great energy and are passionate about the position they are seeking.  If a potential candidate speaks negatively about past experiences or bosses, it can have a negative impact on the interview.  It’s important to stay upbeat, with a positive outlook and creative suggestions to resolve operational challenges that may be discussed during the interview.

5) The Decision Is Still Under Consideration
Often the HR team is truly busy or the ultimate decision remains with the hiring Director who has many candidates to consider.  Patience is key, although a follow up note or phone call can show initiative.  It’s important not to be pushy as this can be seen as a negative trait.  Most employers will respond to you whether it is with a job offer or a rejection.  If it is rejection, try and work on the things that held you back. Be prepared to discuss why you left previous positions, be honest, explain the facts and why you are a good candidate for the opportunity based on your knowledge and what you have learned from your past experiences.

Stay positive, enthusiastic and focused on improving your interviewing skills. Apply for the positions for which you are a perfect match and at which you are confident you will excel.