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Developing a Concise Executive Resume

There are six (6) areas that a comprehensive resume should include:
  • Contact Information (Name, address, email, cell)
  • Professional Profile & Career Objective  (1 paragraph synopsis of your professional expertise, followed by a sentence specifying the position(s) you are seeking)
  • Accomplishments (Brief statements that demonstrate your most notable achievements)
  • Job Titles Held & Dates/Employer Names/Location of Employer (Brief synopsis of your areas of responsibility, size of the company, # of direct reports, notable achievements)
  • Education/Affiliations
  • Licenses/Certifications
An Executive / Management resume should articulate the following:
1. Summarize your Professional Profile - core strengths, number of years in your area of expertise.
Note the specific skills, knowledge and expertise you possess which distinguishes you from your peers, or makes you the best candidate for the position(s) you seek.
2. Your Career Objective - specifically, which position(s) are you seeking?
3. What are your most notable accomplishments in the past 5 years?
For example:
a. What actions did you take to improve situations that you encountered when you first assumed the position?
b. What tangible benefits/improvements did they result in?
c. What was the impact on:
      - revenue
      - profits
      - efficiency
      - product / services development or enhancement
      - technological advancements (i.e. new technologies you introduced in the departments you managed)
      - employee empowerment, morale, development, effectiveness, or team relations
      - customer relations, acquisition and retention.
4. In your current or most recent role, to whom do you report and what are your areas of responsibility?
5. As you detail your Work Experience, briefly list your responsibilities and note the significant contributions you have made to the organization.
6. Identify the two or three most significant corporate committees on which you have served (and if applicable or impressive, their accomplishments).
7. List your educational degrees, certifications, awards, professional licenses, professional societies / organizations, etc.
8. Describe any philanthropic, non-profit, or community organizations with which you are affiliated.
9. In review, does your resume communicate unique knowledge, experience, accomplishments or characteristics which make you stand apart from other candidates and would contribute to your employer's success/profitability?