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Position Yourself for A Successful Career

Finding the perfect career takes time and strategic planning. Start by focusing on career paths that require the skills in which you excel.

For instance:

  • If you're mathematically inclined, look for positions which require statistical analysis, or budget planning/forecasting.
  • If you write well, find positions which require drafting proposals, policy development, creating manuals, or developing copy for advertisements.
  • If you are articulate, focus on sales and marketing or organizational training positions, where your verbal presentation skills are an asset.

Pursue opportunities in which your talents will distinguish you from others. Are you

    *Able to explain complex technical issues in layman's terms? 
    *Mechanically inclined? 
    *Able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously?  
    *Organized with good follow-up skills? 

Make sure your social media presence is professional. Don’t post pictures of yourself drinking, scantily clad, or engaging in childish behavior. Don’t tweet petty, controversial, or inarticulate statements. Ensure that the image you project is mature, intelligent and well-groomed.

An article in US News provides tips to enhance your professional image on social media, such as uploading PowerPoint, Excel and Word files under a job in your "Experience" section, or adding a video or pictures to your summary to highlight your career successes/accomplishments.

Keep learning ... career management involves learning new skills, capabilities, experiencing different roles, and attending college classes, workshops, webinars, seminars, and training sessions to increase your knowledge about new strategies and technologies.

Join professional associations to exchange ideas with experienced professionals in your field. In addition to networking, you will have access to learning resources and opportunities, such as featured speakers at meetings, annual industry expositions/conferences, or newsletters highlighting trends in your field.

Successfully advancing your career is hard work that requires an investment of personal time. A well-planned career management program will reap a future ROI in yourself.


Beth Deighan is President of Casino Careers, LLC. She possesses over 8 years of experience in senior management roles in Human Resources and Training & Development with Casino-Hotel Resorts. Additionally, she has managed the career focused job board since 1998.