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Articulate Your Managerial Accomplishments in Your Resume

Employers are looking for accomplished managerial employees who’ve made significant contributions to the companies in which they’ve worked. Highlighting these accomplishments in your resume will allow you to stand out from the competition.

When articulating your accomplishments, keep 3 key criteria in mind:

·         Specifics – define what you have accomplished - avoid generalities

·         Measurable – state in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness or cost/savings

·         Timeframe – explain how long it took for the accomplishment to be completed



1.      Effectively prioritized and organized work responsibilities to meet daily and weekly schedules

2.      Commended by management for the quality and consistency of my performance

3.      Created and presented an excellent image of the company and its services to customers

4.      Communicated articulately with clientele and management at all levels

5.      Commended by supervisor/management for the quality and consistency of my performance

6.       Organized and implemented an efficient work flow system that resulted in significant cost savings

7.       Provide clear direction to supervisors and employees

8.      Recognize employee accomplishments and success, and cultivated a strong sense of fulfillment for those working toward achieving the goals.

9.      Managed company/department annual/quarterly budget

10.  Was promoted within one year in the role

11.  Directed a team/group/organization of (#) employees

12.  Managed a project which had a global impact

13.  Trained all new employees

14.  Built and trained a new team/division for the company

15.  Redesigned and implemented more effective company procedures which resulted in an increase in profit by (percent/$ amount)

16.  Met deadlines consistently

17.  Completed assigned projects and met all established goals/objectives

18.  Grew customer base by (specify %)

19.  Cut costs (specify amount in $$ and within specific timeframe

20.  Launched (#) new websites/products/campaigns

21.  Integrated new technologies for the company (describe)

22.  Finished sales quota prior to established timeframe

23.  Increased customer patronage/retention by (specify %)

24.  Streamlined team/departmental operations

25.  Improved community relations

26.  Improved union/labor relations

27.  Established employee recognition programs

28.  Boosted company revenues by (specify $$ amount and year of accomplishment)

29.  Implemented a customer service program

30.  Published articles/white papers/reports/books (specify name of publications and year of publication)

31.  Received award/designation (specify type)

32.  Attained "list type" of certification

33.  Reached all established goals/ objective(s) every quarter for (#) quarters in a row

34.  Assisted in improving company ranking/scores on customer satisfaction survey/poll

35.  Featured in website/magazine/newspaper/book (give names of publications)

36.  Held a perfect attendance record (dates)

37.  Introduced company products to X new markets

38.  Fixed (#) of bugs in company software project

39.  Presented at well-known conference/seminar/workshop (specify)

40.  Successfully managed a diverse range of projects from conception through implementation