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Recruiting & Retaining the Best Talent in 2016

1.       Invest less time and  money on career fairs and more time on:

a.      social professional networks

b.      employee referral programs

c.      your company career site

d.      internet job boards (niche sites provide a concentration of candidates seeking     employment in your industry)

2.       Offer competitive compensation packages

3.       Identify recruitment resources which enable you to send a personalized email to their database of candidates with matching skills, to attract passive candidates

4.       Provide informative job descriptions that convey exactly what the job entails – the majority of millennials avoid boring jobs

5.       Provide a link in your job postings to “employee” comments about the job and how great it is to work for and advance in your company on your Career Page - millennials are looking for a culture fit with co-workers and their employer

6.       Respond to job seeker inquiries about your opportunities and company, or utilize staffing resources who can answer questions and communicate comments/concerns to your staff

7.       Make hiring decisions quickly – a lengthy hiring process reflects an inefficient organization and casts a negative impression on innovative thinkers

8.       Be candid about the shortcomings of a job – long hours, working holidays/weekends, etc. – employees who accept the job know what’s coming and are less likely to be disappointed or disgruntled

9.       Provide cross-training in different disciplines and department to retain employees who want to learn, grow and advance

10.   Be prepared to invest in seminars, webinars, and managerial training for college graduates who exhibit good work ethics and potential

Written by Beth Deighan, President of Casino Careers LLC.