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Making the Most of Not Getting Hired


So you thought you nailed the interview but didn’t get the job? Of course, you’re disappointed,, so how do you make the most out of not getting hired?


First, remember that a “no” might really mean “not today.” While the recruiter may not have thought you were a perfect match for the job you interviewed for, there may be another position open (now or at a later date) which would suit you better. So keep the door open.


1.       Thank the person with whom you interviewed for taking the time to speak with you and considering your qualifications for the position.

2.       Reiterate your goal to work for their company and ask that they please consider you for future opportunities.

3.       Ask for any suggestions they have to make you more qualified for positions that may arise in the future.

4.       Inquire about internships or part-time positions where you might be able to demonstrate your work ethic and fit for their corporate culture.


By showing that you have no hard feelings after not getting the job will make a great impression on the recruiter.  And opportunity may just come a-knocking!


Amanda Hopkins is a member of the Casino Careers, LLC Recruitment Team. She specializes in identifying resources to publicize career opportunities enabling qualified candidates to connect with Employers seeking their expertise.  Amanda possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and was Editor-in-Chief of The Voice at Bloomsburg University in PA.