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Using Your Smartphone to Search for Jobs

Today cell phones do much more than make calls. Technology has made our lives much easier.  In fact, now, smartphones can even aid in the job search! Below are some tips for job searching on the smartphone:


  • Utilize Job Search apps for easy job searching when they are available. Most job search websites have an app or mobile-friendly version of their website, which fits on the phone’s screen and allows ease of use. Most will allow you to read job descriptions and apply for positions right on the screen.


  • On the other hand, remember that not ALL job boards are mobile-friendly. Some job search engines are not yet mobile-friendly and may require you to work from a desktop computer for best results. Before sending a disgruntled email to the company to complain about the application process, try accessing the site from your home computer. Then, if you still have trouble, write to the company in a professional manner to request assistance.


  • Bookmark your favorite jobs or email them to yourself for easy access later. It may be easier to job search at one time and apply for the jobs at a later time. You may also want to access the job descriptions later if you land an interview for that position and want to “study” the role.


  • Keep a copy of resume on your phone. In many cases, companies require you to attach your resume to an application. Apps such as “Pocket Resume, “Resume App,” and “Document” will save your document on your device and even allow you to edit the file, if needed.  Do not take a picture of your resume using your camera, as the content will be low quality and will not look professional!


  • Consider waiting until you get home to send your resume, if you are unsure of the formatting. While smartphones are great for searching for jobs during free time, they may not be the best way to send in your application or resume. It is always good idea to submit resumes from a home computer to make sure everything looks professional and to ensure it sends properly.


  • Be professional when answering phone calls. If you have applied for jobs recently and provided your cell phone number to the employer, remember to answer your cell phone in a professional manner. Answer with a professional greeting and go somewhere quiet to converse. (A potential employer may be put off by hearing a loud truck driving by.)


  • Maintain a professional ringtone and voicemail message. Avoid using “ringback tones” and/or conversational voicemail messages, to maintain professionalism.


  • Turn your cell phone off or on silent during the interview.  Put your phone in your bag/pocket before entering the interview and set the phone settings to silent. Don’t use your smartphone during the interview to read off notes or questions; rather arrive to the interview with a notebook or padfolio, which looks more professional.


  • Send thank you email from your phone after the interview. After you leave an interview, send a thank you note within a few hours of leaving the interview. You can do this easily from your smart phone. You may even consider saving a “thank you” related draft in your email that can be tailored for each specific position.


By using these tips, not only will you be a smartphone job-search pro, but it may even land you your next job!


Amanda Hopkins is a member of the Casino Careers, LLC Recruitment Team. She specializes in identifying resources to publicize career opportunities enabling qualified candidates to connect with Employers seeking their expertise.  Amanda possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and was Editor-in-Chief of The Voice at Bloomsburg University in PA.