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Job Search Tax Deduction Tips


Happy Tax Season - it’s that time of year again! 


The time of year you spend up to your neck in receipts looking for those precious tax deductions.  No, you may not deduct cosmetic surgery or your health club membership, as a medical expense. 

However, there is good news for Job Seekers if you have actively searched for a job this past year - whether you are currently employed or not…


What you may deduct:

·         Employment Agency Fees

o   You must be searching in your current occupation

o   If you receive a job offer and they reimburse you for the fees you will have to include them in your Gross Income.

·         Resume Costs

o   Printing Services

o   Fees for Mailing to Prospective Employers

·         Travel and Transportation

o   If a trip is specifically for job searching you can write the whole trip off.

o   If the trip has another purpose, like a vacation, but you do job searching during the trip, you may write off part of it.

o   You can also write off mileage for local job interview trips

·         Phone Calls – local and long distance.



Internal Revenue Service tax deductions may change each year.  We suggest that you visit the IRS web site for specific information, or consult an Accountant to get specific tax deduction advice as it pertains to your specific situation.



Researched and written by Jillian Middleton and Erin Edwards, Casino Careers Staff Members.  Sources: The Fiscal Times, Internal Revenue Service, and

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