Employer FAQs

We have listed the questions most frequently asked by Employers. Just click on the appropriate question below and the answer will appear.


If you do not find your specific question, please use our Employer Inquiry Form to send us your question by email. Our hours of operation are 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM, EST, Monday - Friday. Feel free to give us a call for expeditious attention - 609-813-2333.


We look forward to assisting you to fulfill your talent acquisition needs - whether it is through our Job Board, a custom email to our  Resume Database, or an exclusive full-service Executive Search.

What do I do if I forget my Username and/or Password?

Click here to fill out our Password Help form and they will be emailed to the email that you provided when signing up

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What is the difference between an "Open Access" and a "Confidential" resume?

An "Open Access" resume enables the Employer to see a Candidate's personal contact information as part of their resume. If the Candidate has posted their resume in the "Confidential" format, it is usually because they are currently employed in the gaming industry and are seeking a new career opportunity.

Their personal/contact information (name, address, phone, email) will not be visible to you. They will have an ID# and a link will be at the top of their resume, through which you may correspond with them.

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Can I send attachments to the staff of Casino Careers?

Please do NOT send attachments to Casino Careers. We prefer that you input the data into the fields of the forms provided.

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What do I do if the relocation area I want to specify is not listed?

We have provided an "Other" field for both the Countries and the States/Regions. Please type your location there. Please understand that due to the fact that this is a worldwide search mechanism, we do not list specific cities for each province and state.

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What do I do, if the Job Profile discipline (I am searching for) isn't listed?

If the Discipline is not listed on our pull-down tab, we may not have a matching resume in our database. However, if you call us at (609) 813-2333, or use this Employer Inquiry Form, we will be happy to assist you. The "Email Us" link, listed under "Applications" in your recruitment account, enables you to quickly communicate any question or problem to Casino Careers.

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What do I do if the Job Profile level/Job Title (that I am searching for) isn't listed?

Please call us at (609) 813-2333, or use this Employer Inquiry Form and we will be happy to assist you. The "Email Us" link, listed under "Applications" in your personal web page, enables you to quickly communicate any question or problem to Casino Careers.

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How do I send a standard, or customized, email message to all matching or selected candidates?

When you have completed a Job Profile search, a summary screen will appear with a synopsis of the candidates who match your search. It will then ask what type of email message you wish to send (i.e. standard or customized) and to whom (all or selected candidates). Just follow the instructions.

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What if I want to search for candidates with more than one sub-discipline?

You may hold down the Control Key and select (highlight) more than one sub-discipline. The form will ask if you want the candidates to meet all selected (highlighted) criteria, or some of them.

If you want to ensure that all possible matches have been identified, we recommend that you submit a different Job Profile for each different title, industry, or discipline if you are conducting a specific search.

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How do I print the resumes of all candidates I've selected?

Each resume is a stand-alone page and has to be printed individually. This section of the program was designed that way to expedite the download time when you want to view a Candidate's resume.

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How do I get more information about a Candidate whose resume was posted in the Confidential format?

You have the ability to email him/her directly from our database indicating that you would like to discuss a career opportunity with your company and requesting that a complete resume be sent to you.

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What do I do if I discover that a candidate has falsified his/her qualifications, or provided misleading information?

Candidates have been advised that such a situation will result in elimination of their resume from the Casino Careers database. Please utilize our Employer Inquiry Form to relay to us specifically what occurred, so that we may review the situation and contact you for more information, or take the appropriate action. The "Email Us" link, listed under "Applications" in your personal web page, enables you to quickly communicate any question or problem to Casino Careers

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I have lost my Username and Password and someone else now has access to it. Can I be issued another?

In the personalized web page designed for each VIP Recruitment Member is a report titled, "Members Activity Report." This report reflects the name of each VIP Recruitment Member User in your company. By clicking on the User's name, either or both, the "Username" or "Password" may be changed

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Why do I keep getting the message "you have timed out?"

When you are navigating the Internet, there are times when information is not electronically communicated properly between you, the client, and the web site. This results in a "time out". This problem is not related to Casino Careers.

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What are Cookies and how do I enable my computer to accept them?

Click here and a full explanation and instructions will be provided for you.

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What are some tips to target and attract the best candidates with my Job Posting?

  1. Provide a comprehensive job description and list specific education/certification and experiential requirements.
  2. Note if Gaming experience is required or preferred ( if applicable).
  3. Provide a competitive salary range & a description of insurance benefits.
  4. If applicable, provide information about a relocation package, unique perks, such as a bonus.
  5. Use spell check and review your job posting for legibility.
  6. Update the job posting date if the position is re-listed, or is an ongoing opening.
  7. Acknowledge all resumes received. Multiple candidates can be emailed simultaneously from the Casino Careers Applicant Tracking Report.
  8. Remove or expire listings that have been filled.

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