Step Four: Job Alert Profiles

A Job Profile/Search Engine brings your resume up in a search match whenever an Employer with access to our resume database runs a search. It serves two purposes:

  • It reflects the positions you have held, and/or are seeking.

    Please select the titles, industries, and departments/disciplines in which you have worked, or possess education or training. You may create more than one.

    We also offer the titles of Intern and Management Trainee.
  • The Job Profile/Search Engine also enables you to select the titles of new opportunities that are posted on Casino Careers, about which you wish to be notified via email.

    To receive a Job Alert, you must click Yes to enable the Job Alert.

Areas Seeking Employment

Please indicate the countries, states and/or provinces to which you are willing to work. If you are seeking positions in your current State/Province of residence, please include that State/Province. To add a selection, first choose the country, and if applicable, select a state or province in the menu to the right. You can select multiple by holding down the control key. Once you have made your selections, press "Add Location" to add that country and any areas under it to the list. You can then choose another country if desired. Your relocation choices will be associated with the Job Alert, since it will email you notifications about opportunities in the locations you specify.