A complete and professional resume is the first step in landing a great job. These pages of our web site walk you through the steps to complete your resume.

Posting a resume with Casino Careers is a simple 4-step process. Using the links above/below, you can learn more information about various fields on these pages. You can also use the topmost set of links for more information.

Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

How do I submit my resume to Clients?

When you post your resume in the Casino Careers database you will be able to email it to our Clients right from their job postings, by clicking the Apply Nowbutton. Our system will then submit your online resume directly to the Employer

Can I submit my resume as an attachment?

On Step 3 of the Resume Posting Process, you will be asked whether to Upload your resume or Build one online. By choosing Upload, you can upload a Word document (*.doc or *.docx) to our site. Other formats such as .pdf are not supported by our site. If your resume is in another format, you will have to choose to Build a new resume and copy and paste the text into the forms on our site.

How do I post my resume Confidentially?

If you choose to Build your resume manually, there will be a section at the top of Step 3 that allows you to switch the format of your resume to Confidential. Please note that this does not mask any information provided in your resume, so do not include any identifying information. All the Confidential option does is mask the information you enter on Step 1 of the process. If you chose to upload your resume or want to switch formats later, you can use the "Resume Privacy Settings" link from your Resume Edit Menu after logging back in to switch between Open Access and Confidential formats.

Who is able to use your resume posting services?

This service is intended for eligible job seekers that wish to post their resumes so they can be contacted via email, phone or postal mail by interested Gaming Corporations.

What do I do after I post my resume?

Search jobs by Title, Key Words, Discipline/Category, or Job ID so you can apply by simply clicking the Send Resume button in the posting. E-mail is our primary method of communicating new openings to you. In order to retain your resume in the Casino Careers database you must have a working/unblocked email address.