Is Your Resume Lost in the Great Internet Void?

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With the advent of email and online job services, job hunting suddenly became much easier.  Or did it? 

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your resume is actually reaching someone’s desk—or is lost somewhere in the great void of cyberspace. 

If you want to be sure that your resume is being seen by a real person who can offer you a real job, here are several tips to get a stronger response.


Make sure you are sending your resume in a format that will work for the employer.

If a resume attachment is requested, save your resume as a Word document (.doc or .rtf).  This is the standard most companies use, and it should retain the formatting that you used for your resume.  But just in case they use a different word processing program than yours, you should still avoid using too many fancy formatting options, such as columns, boxes and tables.

If an email or online form is used,Use ASCII, plain text, or text only.  This removes formatting, but the information is preserved.  Be sure to review your resume before sending it so that it is still easy to read and user friendly.


Deborah Walker, CCMC is a Resume Writer & Career Coach.

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